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July 22, 2011

Crackerjack mouse

I seem to be bad with my self-imposed deadlines. So, since I don't like the word “dead” I'll have to rename the process.


Haven't found the word yet. Anyhow, I recently looked up my great-grandmother's immigration listing in the online Ellis Island records again, just to see which year she arrived in the U.S. 1896 according to the website. And I missed the date on record, July 20. Hmm, a few days ago.

However, I'm still working on my sock samples and trying to figure out how on earth I made the original socks, and what works best for putting them into sock-book-pattern world. I have four singles socks done, all in the base yarn and base color of exciting natural white. I don't block socks, or at least I haven't done blocking for them before in my life. I'm still pondering whether to make my own forms from wire coat hangers or not yet. No sample pictures, because my camera died (whimper) and I don't have the funds for purchasing a new one yet. And I'm not hinting to anyone that I need one either. I'll have to play with the cellphone camera, and see how well I can fake pictures from there until I find a replacement for the details I want to capture.

I'd love to take hummingbird pictures. So far, the little buzzers don't sit still long enough for me to even point the cellphone at them. It's two birds so far, and sometimes they take turns visiting the feeder. Buzz in, eat, buzz out. Buzz in, eat, buzz to another port, eat, buzz around to another port, eat, buzz about a little, buzz off. I had one scold me today when I went outside (in the muggy muggy heat) this morning to put some water outside for the cats. Message received, I'm going inside where's its cooler.

The cats agree that today was too hot to do anything. I only saw some activity out of the younglings late this afternoon when I spotted one of them playing with a fresh-caught field mouse. Nice sized one too, good thing it was a cat-snack!

A few weeks ago, they had a crackerjack surprise in their kitten-chow. I scooped it out of the bag, not even looked in the bag, using a small plastic cup that used to hold diced fruit. I shook the kibble down to make it even across the top, took it outside, and started dividing it between the two cups in the food bowl. Surprise! Eety bitty field mouse drops out of the bottom o the cup into the food bowl. One young orange male kitten blinks, sniffs, and snatches the mouse out of the bowl. He was delighted! I had no idea the mouse was in the food bag, nor do I have any idea how long it sat in the bag before it was scooped up. No holes in the bag, and it was sitting inside a bucket. But the best part of all, the mouse disappeared shortly afterwards. One happy kitteh.

Each time I watch the bats after sunset, in that little twilit time before full dark, I smile. They swoop, they flutter around, and I know they are eating nasty mosquitoes. Yippee! Fewer blood suckers! I think I've counted at least five one night, and they are pretty sizable bats too. I hope their numbers increase, and they continue to swoop over our yard every night that we have mosquitoes.

Jumping around...I miss the smell of pinyon pine and juniper trees. This summer has been pretty darned humid and muggy. I miss the dry heat of the southwest, really. And the scent of junipers and pinyon pine...heaven. Nothing like that here so far, all I get is the scent of growing forest or garden lately. Not to be disparaging, but I miss the high desert trips, trying to see something new, find a place I haven't been yet. Until then, I'll settle for what's within a day's driving distance from home.

This past Sunday, I went on a short half-day trip with my brother and mother to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. First time I visited, and was I surprised. Lots and lots of lotus blooms, cattails, water lily ponds that weren't quite blooming much, and a nice boardwalk. I'd love to go there again, just to see how it changes. It's across the river from the US National Arboretum (also a nice day trip destination). We spent a few hours walking around, then drove to the USNA to see if we could find crepe myrtles blooming there. Yes, we found them, admired them, and came home in time for lunch and a nap. I had to work that night helping transition moves at Job1. Sigh. Life is good.

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