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February 07, 2008

Socks socks socks

I've been knitting socks like crazy lately. With the occaisional bit of lace knitting in between.

I finished a lace shawl for myself, knit from birthday yarn (Alpaca Fina) using Victorian Lace Today to knit a shawl. Now, all I have to do is block it, work in the ends, take a picture or two, and wear it.

Around the lace knitting, I've been knitting socks: for me, for my nephew, for my younger neice. Daniel, my nephew, received a pair of green socks (knit in Dream in Color Smooshy) for Christmas, and he loves them. Kristina received a scarf knit from a modified Clapotis pattern (knit in Dream in Color Classy).

Pretty soon, both of them will have non-Christmas gift socks. I let them view the Favorite Socks book, and I didn't limit them on what they could pick out, so they both picked out two different pairs each. Daniel's first pair of socks are about 3/4 of the way through sock one, pair one.

Kristina's first pair of socks are finished except for working in the ends, and I started sock one of pair two. I'm almost happy with the colorwork in the second pair, but I'm not too happy with how thick the knitted material feels, a little too heavy, so it's getting reworked soon.

I'm just happy that my knitting doesn't pick up vibes from whatever I'm watching on T.V.; lately it's been the various CSI and "cop and robber/spy" shows, with a little PBS thrown the mix.

Hmm, maybe I'll pull out my Christmas shawl: silk yarn and a pattern (from Yarn Barn of Kansas) I started off two weeks ago, and set aside to do Kristina's socks.

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