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November 13, 2007

It's raining

...and I wish I were knitting. It's a perfect, wet, rainy, gotta-knit kind of day.

But someone has to pay my bills, and it's, well, me. So, I work all day at 2 computer screens, and wish I were sitting in front of balls and skeins of yarn, bags of wool, at a spinning wheel, with needles or a spindle in my hands. Ugh.

But the good thing is, I can have one or two web browsers open to yarn pictures, or quietly reward myself by searching for a pattern idea. The bad thing is, I just want to play with yarn, even if it's just pictures!

I keep reminding myself, hey, it's rain! Nice, wet, soggy rain, that soaks into the ground, raises the watertable so that we're in less of a drought, and sets us up for next year. A little. What we really need is a nice big snowy winter.

Yes, I know, don't say the S-word!

If it were snowing, I would be shoveling the stuff, clearing out around the doors, the steps, the cars, the cats' igloo, and wishing I was warm inside the house. The cats would be quietly cussing at me in cat that it's all my fault this wet, cold stuff is sticking to their fur, move it stupid 2-legger, and feed me!

Or a friend of mine would be calling, or I'd be calling her, hey, wanna go cross country skiing? Yes, crazy knitter here owns cross country skis. But I can use that as an excuse for knitting nice, warm, thick, soft, wooly boot socks. And a scarf. And a ski sweater, maybe. I still lust after the Dale of Norway sweater designs.

Hmmm, wool! Now to find the time between work, homework, and basic needs. Well, knitting IS a basic need, right?

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